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Why Isn't God Exciting?
             Psalms 1: 1-3

Intro.     I have read the Psalms of David and others.  Many if them are songs f praise and adoration.  Some marvel at God's power and sovereignty.  Even without benefit of some powerful beat or "head-nodding" music they are riveting and powerful. The writer, be it David, Asaph, or some other, seems to find a profoundness using their ink, but not from some great vocabulary, but rather from a great relationship with the true and the living God.  To them,  God is exciting.    The Apostle Paul,  when in the presence of men accounted high in the social order for their high academia and scholarship, chose to talk about the God who had an altar on Mars Hill  marked "To He Unseen God".  Peter and John were locked into the inner-most part of a jail because thy wouldn't stop talking about Jesus.  Still others like Stephen, Elijah, and so many others in the bible and not, just found a God too exciting to stay quiet.  So why can I talk about the weather everyday, gossip about who's sleeping with who,  sing about who broke my heart and who took my baby, but could possibly spend the whole day around folk and never talk about God?

Why Isn't God Exciting?

I.         Is It Because To Us He Is Still Invisible?

II.       Is It Because We Are Too Distracted?

III.      Is It Because We Take Him For Granted?

IV      Is It Because We Have Limited Him To Sunday Worship And Bible Study

V.      Is It Because We Don't Know Him Like That?

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